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Thermal Specimen BagsThermal Specimen Bags

Easy to use silver foil bag.  Place specimens in either of our thermal bags and zip it closed.
The bags add an extra layer of clinical specimen integrity. Reusable to maximize savings.


Large Bag: 

  • Individual plastic specimen bags are placed into our large thermal bag. 
  • Refrigerated specimens in one bag, and room temperature specimens in another. 
  • Bags can be reused multiple times.

Small Bag: 

  • Recommended for individual refrigerated or room temperature specimens. 
  • Place specimen directly into the thermal bag, then into the GuardMarx Box. 
  • Reduces cost by eliminating the need for STAT or contract couriers. 
  • The small bag can be reused, but is not recommended.


  • Designed to enhance specimen integrity

  • Protects rapid specimen temperature degradation (up to 3 hours)

  • Can result in a more accurate patient diagnosis 

  • Helps to reduce lost or misplaced specimens

  • Two options are available.

  • Manufactured in the USA

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