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The SafeSpecimens' BinThe SafeSpecimens' Bin

Our bin is uniquely designed for increased specimen volume and storage.

The rectangular white bin has comfortable “finger holds” which makes it convenient for courier removal
and replacement.  Only authorized couriers can retrieve specimens from the bin. 

Assembly is quick and easy!



  • Specimens are retrieved from the bin, and the bin is placed back into the specimen box.
    • Or a lid can be placed on top of the bin and both the bin, and the specimens can be
      transported to the laboratory.  A new empty bin will be placed into the specimen box.
  • Greater capacity; 1 bin is equal to 4-5 FULL milkboxes
  • Dimensions: Depth 19.0 inches; Width 13.0 inches; Height 17.0 inches
  • 1 inch thick EPS panels fit inside the white kraft corrugated bin


  • Reusable, cost effective and convenient
  • Insulated bin maintains specimen integrity and reduces the possibility of incorrect laboratory results.
  • Auto lock bottom, "pops" open; no tools or tape required
  • Ships and stores flat, conserving courier car and laboratory warehouse space
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